“In addition to the stress of treatments and the worry about our child’s future, we had to deal with a miserable, unhappy kid who’d been isolated from all her friends and couldn’t go anywhere. Our hearts went out to her—how much could one little kid Handle?”

“After his bone marrow transplant, Rafi’s numbers started climbing…but his mood plummeted. His doctors told us that depression is common in kids with cancer, but we didn’t know how we could get him out of this slump.”

“When I got sick, I couldn’t go to school anymore. I had to stay in the hospital. No one could visit me. It was very sad and boring.” 


When a child is diagnosed, his family is plunged into a new and frightening world—a world of treatments and tests, of specialists and second opinions. But while his parents are busy contacting experts and filing insurance claims, there’s a little frightened child sitting in a hospital bed. That’s where Saiph Stars comes in.

Studies have proven the crucial power of mindset when it comes to fighting illness. But it’s hard to keep up a positive attitude when you’re being buffeted by challenge at every turn. And while there are many entertainment options available online, parents often worry about the content of this media.

Saiph Stars is a revolutionary new free app to help support kids through their sickness. Saiph Stars brings families a wealth of entertainment and educational options from noted teachers, singers, and entertainers to help inspire and entertain children battling serious sickness. Saiph Stars also features peer-sharing and mentoring forums, to help families struggling with illness connect with others who can understand them, providing them with the encouragement they need to fight one of the toughest battles of their life.

Named for a star far brighter than the sun, Saiph Stars offers sick kids a constellation of programs to bring the light back into their lives.

Saiph Stars Programs

Saiph Stars provides kids battling illness with games, videos, and forums that will help inspire and entertain them, while providing them with the connection they need with others who can understand them. The content on the Saiph Stars app has been screened to ensure that it is appropriate for a frum audience. Parents can rest assured that when using this app, their kids are in Saiph hands.

Shining Stars

A program where kids can connect with mentors who can offer them encouragement and a listening ear.

Kids can also connect and share experiences with other kids dealing with similar challenges. 


Galaxy offers kids hours of entertainment and inspiration from noted speakers and performers including videos, music, shows, lectures, and more. 


A collection of inspiring and entertaining magazine publications including comics, stories, and educational material. 


Coming soon! Livestreamed classes and entertainment to provide kids with a daily schedule when they’re out of school. 

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